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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aquarium Cabinets - Cabinets to Make Keep Your Aquarium Protected and Attractive

. Saturday, February 7, 2009

By Ilse Hagen

To protect your aquarium from damage, stains, and dirt, make sure you buy the right cabinet for them. Aquarium cabinets aren't just protective accessories for your aquarium. They also serve as decorative accents for your aquarium because they never fail to draw attention to it, making it more attractive for your guests and friends to look at.

What's your type of cabinet?

You can choose you aquarium cabinet depending on the aesthetic value that you want it to contribute to your space but don't forget its additional features for your aquarium.

For example, a bow front cabinet is curved at the front outwards and can be bought with aquariums that go along their shape for a more custom fit. You can also buy standard cabinets that are flat and rectangular on all sides if you own regular aquariums you have bought separately.

However, if you want an aquarium cabinet that can fit into all kinds of wall corners, you can buy the corner cabinets. They are designed to fit into corners and they are also ideal for small rooms because they take up less space so they don't end up making an area cluttered.

Shopping tips for cabinets

Remember that the cabinet is not just for decoration for your aquarium so if you're shopping for aquarium cabinets, make sure it is durable and efficient enough for you. In terms of material, choose something that is made of wood like cherry, maple, pine, or oak. For a larger aquarium, your cabinet should have thicker wood panels. But if you own a small one, an MDF (medium density fiberboard) model is ideal and it also has more designs and colors. Make sure your cabinet has drawers, too, for storage.

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What You Need to Know About Aquarium Heaters


By Gloria Gangi

As you many have already figured out there are many things that you need to do when you set up your aquarium. Depending on which type of fish that you have in your aquarium will depend on the temperature of the water. One of the things that you will require for your aquariums is an aquarium heater. An aquarium heater is a small device that is placed on the inside of the aquarium that controls the temperature of the water. It is important that the temperature is set correctly so that your fish are kept comfortable.

Are Aquarium Heaters Important?

Did you know that most tropical fish are cold blooded animals? Being cold-blooded means that they cannot control their own body temperature so they cannot keep themselves warm. Different types of fish also have different body temperatures so when buying your fish select ones that have the same type of temperature requirements otherwise you will find that some will die.

How Do I Know What Type Of Heater To Buy?

It all depends on the size and type of your aquarium and the type of fish you plan on purchasing. There are three basic types of heaters available. There is the aquarium heater that simply hangs on the side of the tank. The hanging types of heaters are the most basic heating unit and are okay for use in smaller aquariums.

There is also a submersible type of aquarium heater. This is the type of aquarium heater that is dropped into the water completely to heat and warm the aquarium. These are more convenient and more reliable that a heater that hangs on the side of the tank because it provides more consistent heat for the fish.

The heating cable system is also used and is commonly used in aquariums with live plants. This is the best aquarium heater because it provides continuous, even heat throughout the aquarium. It cost more money, but is a better heater than the other two types of aquarium heaters.

Since most fish are cold blooded and will need heating to ensure that they stay alive and live comfortably, an aquarium heater then becomes an essential item in most home aquariums. If your unsure of the type of heater is required for your aquarium then your local pet shop or aquarium shop is the best place to ask. 84 degrees is the minimum requirement for most tropical fish so the type of fish, aquarium size and plants will determine the type of heater you will need.

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