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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


. Tuesday, January 27, 2009

by rima

Aquarium hoods are just as important as any other part of our aquarium setup. Aquarium hoods not just cover the aquarium but can be use as accessories for our aquarium. The function of aquarium hoods is to make our aquarium look nice than before, that mean different than the original. We can use many different ways to change our aquarium’s accessories. One of that ways is change or modifies our aquarium hoods to more elegant and modern. Before we start change our aquarium hoods, we must consider the aquarium hoods and aquarium body that have ideal match between each other. This is important to make our aquarium match with other furniture or home decoration.

Colour of the aquarium hoods- suitable colour can produce conducive environment especially for emotional people, who want to calm themselves without any problem. From that we can conclude, aquarium hoods with beautiful colour can make people love their home to search for repose environment when back from work.

Shape of aquarium hoods- choose suitable shape of aquarium hoods from various shape that match with our aquarium and other accessories such as aquarium stand, lighting, aquarium body, filters and aquarium content; fish and plants.

Place of our aquarium- don’t make mistake when looking for suitable place to put or park our aquarium. We can use aquarium stand to solve this problem. This is because when we use aquarium stand we can hide other equipment required to run the aquarium. For the result we have elegant aquarium inside or outside our home. Also use aquarium hoods to cover the top equipment of our aquarium such as electric motor, aquarium light and filters from our view.

Cheap and save our budget- most important thing to modify our aquarium is our budget. We must consider our ability to achieve our objective. We can produce or built aquarium hoods from our creativity using recycle thing such as old desk, driftwood, old door and other old furniture. All recycle thing will we use must clean, tough and not heavy that can accommodate aquarium body.

The functions of aquarium hood to us also important because it can attract other people perception when looking at our aquarium decoration. So, we can show natural view of marine life to our visitor.

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