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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aquarium Lighting - 5 Great Tips To Light Up Your Aquarium

. Saturday, January 10, 2009

By Abhishek Agarwal

1. Fish need lights to survive
Regardless of whether you have a fresh water set up or a marine set up your fish will need light in the aquarium to survive. However, sometimes different fish require different kind of lighting and it is better that you ask for advice from the fish accessory shop as to what lighting you should have for your fish.

2. The various kinds of lighting
You could use florescent lighting for fish that are brightly colored as this will make the fish stand out more in the aquarium and give the aquarium a nice effect. You can get these lights in various sizes to suit your aquarium. You will have to buy the light fittings separately as they do not come along with the fish tanks or the hoods for the tanks. This is an expensive part of equipment as you will have to buy the fittings for the lights also.

3. Lighting for marine tanks
Marine tanks need more light and these are more expensive as a lot of pure light is needed here to light up the reefs. Anemones and corals require a lot of light and also sensitivity to live in under these conditions and so light plays an important role in this sort of a marine aquarium. If you are planning on a coral reef make sure that you have adequate light and the correct kind.

4. Where to find aquarium lighting
Aquarium lightings maybe easy to install, but cost quite a bit. You can buy these at any pet shop or fish shop that sells accessories for fish tanks and aquariums too. You could also search for second hand lighting for marine aquariums but always ensure that they are in working condition first or else you will be wasting your money on it.

5. Get good lighting to define your aquarium
To get a good look about your aquarium you should put good lighting and not some cheap kind which will make it look shabby. If your lighting is good then your fish tank will look good and will be worth being put up. You could try out various colors and not just adhere to white for your lighting effects. Try out various colors and see which one you find most suitable for your aquarium and for the type of fish collection that you have in it.

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